The Limbe Wildlife Centre is located on the Coast at Limbe. It was created by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry to rescue injured and orphaned primates. At the end of 2001 there were 81 primates and 10 non primates in residence. Many benefactors support the wonderful work in progress and a diverse team of volunteers dispense their love and care for our primate relatives.

The objects of the centre are: "To secure the ultimate survival of threatened and endangered species. The Limbe Wildlife Centre focuses on conservation and education to raise awareness, and change attitudes towards Cameroon's unique widelife".

Supporters can contact the Centre at;
P.O. Box 878 Limbe,
South West Province,

Your donation can help preserve Cameroon's extraordinary range of wildlife. When visiting Cameroon be sure to visit the centre, located less than an hour from Douala.

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