The public hospital system in Cameroon is modern, and there are high quality private hospitals and clinics. However, away from the main cities treatment is unreliable, and personal equipment should be taken. The public hospital system uses disposable syringes.

Suggested travel pack

Diarrhea - Lomotil is most effective there, and strongly recommended
Nausea - Maxolon works well.
Analgesics - Your preferred brand.
Broad spectrum antibiotics - for any unexpected infection. Ask your doctor
Cold and flu tablets also work well against regional fevers.

Dust and smoke is a problem in the dry season, (November - May), take asthma and sinus medication if a sufferer. This is a problem throughout Africa, where burn off is a traditional way of preparing for planting crops.

Sunscreen - Cameroon is close to the Equator, and Doxycyclene makes the skin more susceptible to sunburn.

Standard medical supplies - adhesive strips, bandages, tweezers, antiseptic cream and sting treatment.

Emergency dental repair kit - (Masta, phone 1300 65 55 65)

Insect spray - based on Deet

If you wish, your doctor can order a full medical kit direct from Masta.

The West African mosquito is small, and socks and long sleeves are effective. Many hotels in Cameroon do not have insect screens. The electric plug-in mosquito repellents work well. Don't forget an adapter. Cameroon uses 240 volts, and the European plug. It is not possible to find adapters there that take the Australian style plug.


Water supplies are not safe to drink. Use the readily available bottled water. This can be purchased throughout the country. Stay clear of bathing in fresh water rivers, particularly still waters, as there are many water borne parasites throughout the West African region.

Note: Supermarkets, and small local stores sell the usual range of toiletries and the general goods, and are located in major centres.

For further information on any aspect of travel to Cameroon, do not hesitate to call the Consulate office.

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