A valid visa is required for travel to Cameroon from Australia.

  Click to open Visa Application Form Click on 'Visa Application Form' button to open the Visa Application Form in .pdf format for printing.

A 90 day single/multiple entry visa is available from the Consulate.
The visa fee is 50,000 CFA, payable as AUD$124 or USD $124 in cash, cheque or money order.

Or pay online by Credit Card or PayPal, by selecting one of the two options below:

AU$124 Australian dollars, via PayPal Account or Visa / Mastercard

US$124 US dollars, via PayPal Account or Visa / Mastercard

Send a passport, valid for the duration of the overseas visit, the visa fee, and a copy of itinerary or date of travel to:

The Consulate of Cameroon
P.O. Box 150 Wahroonga NSW 2076 Australia.

A departure tax is payable on exit from Cameroon at the rate of US$20, or CFA 10,000.
The tax on internal flights is US$1.00, or CFA 500.


Yellow fever vaccination is required for entry to Cameroon, and advisable for return to Australia from a yellow fever zone. All other W.H.O recommended vaccinations are advisable including:

Hepatitis A and B
Protection against malaria. In West Africa the most reliable protection is Doxycyclene. Doryx capsules cause fewer side effects, being slow release.

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