Cameroon has a number of national parks created with the intention of protecting wildlife and flora. In many parts of Africa it is said the tourists outnumber the animals. Not so in Cameroon, where visitors are limited, and the parks are pristine.

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Waza Safari Camp

Waza National Park in the extreme North covers an area of 170 000 hectares, and is home to the "big five" animals of Africa. Safaris are conducted there by several companies, and visitors can see the animals roam free in near pristine conditions.

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Hippos in Benoue National Park

Benoue National Park covers 180 000 hectares, and features a wide frontage to the Benoue River. It has large numbers of buffalos, elephants, lions, water buck, warthogs, monkeys, crocodiles, and is well known for it's hippopotamus colonies.

Boubandjidda National Park covers 220 000 hectares, and is the most remote , and beautiful, being located on the border with Chad. It is home to the black rhinoceros and antelope. Lions roam freely throughout the area. Dinosaur fossils are also located in the park.

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Elephants in Waza National Park

Home of the lowland Gorilla.
gorillaIt is not widely known that Gabon and Cameroon are home to the lowland gorilla, and these beautiful animals are fiercely protected by the tribes that live in the region of the gorilla habitat. In Cameroon the location is between Sangmelima and the Gabon/Congo borders. Gabon has recently moved to take advantage of the numbers of people wanting to visit gorilla colonies.

Korup National Park. This parks covers a huge area of virgin rainforest close to the Nigerian border. It is unique in that it is the subject of a living experiment in the human/nature coexistence. Korup is home to the Bioresources Development and Conservation Plan. This program was established at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992. The group consists of a group of scientists, industrialists, environmentalists, local people, and policy experts interested in the link between conservation of tropical rainforest, commercial development, and human coexistence within the rainforest.

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It is a non government organisation, but receives support from a number of governments including the U.S.A. and France.

In the words of Executive Secretary, Mr. Tata Fofung Thomas, "our mission is to make a contribution, no matter how meagre to the development and conservation of biological resources here in Cameroon, Central Africa, and the world at large."

Of particular interest to the organisation is the use of rainforest plants in medical treatment. The French company Plantecam supports the program, and manufactures diverse medical products from natural resources. Their work includes farming of plants to aid conservation.

World citizens are invited to join the organisation, and support it's work. The Cameroon Consulate in Sydney is a supporter, and can provide further information, or write direct to:

The Executive Secretary,
Mr. Tata Fofung Thomas,
B.P. 2626 Messa, Yaounde

You can subscribe to their newsletter through the same address.

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